Friday, August 17, 2007

Connection between Cyber Terror and ID Theft?

by Rick Kam

Is there a connection between Cyber Terror and ID Theft? According to a July 5, 2007 article by MSNBC, the answer is yes.

"Authorities say the terrorists used phishing e-mails to trick recipients into divulging personal information, thereby making Westerners unwitting donors to al-Qaeda."

We have seen trends during the past two years where more and more identity theft victims fall prey to organized crime and potentially cyber terrorist. What does this mean for the average American looking to protect themselves from this new emerging form of identity theft?

The good news is you can still take proactive steps to reduce your risk of falling victim to identity theft. It doesn't necessarily matter who is trying to steal your personal information -- meth gang, organized crime unit, or cyber terrorist. They all use similar techniques and methods to steal your ID.

I do believe it is more difficult to recover from some of these more complex identity theft crimes where your personal information is used not only to generate cash for illegal purposes, but to impersonate you, or use your identity to commit a crime. It is more difficult to clear your good name if you are accused of crime (i.e. being a sexual predator) or have crimes your "cyber double" has committed associated with your criminal records in National and State law enforcement databases.

The best situation is avoid falling victim in the first place by taking steps to reduce your risk. If you do fall victim to one of these complex ID theft, get professional help to resolve it quickly and effectively.

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