Thursday, April 3, 2008

Independent Risk Analysis Presented at FOSE Conference April 1, 2008

by Rick Kam
April 3, 2008

This conference is one of the largest IT conferences for public agencies with attendance approaching 20,000 professionals. Leading educators and technology solution providers focused on security, privacy, and "green" IT solutions.

Keynote speakers from Google, Sun Microsystems and others talked about the future of computing and how public agency IT professionals can create a more productive and secure computing environment.

I presented for ID Experts on the topic of how an "Independent Risk Analysis" provides public agencies a more effective solution to mitigate risk when they have a data breach (i.e. when the best security measures fail, what next). Highlights from my presentation included:

1. The requirements that prompted congress to enact public law requiring independent risk analysis
2. When an agency would implement an independent risk analysis
3. What are the benefits of doing an independent risk analysis
4. How to initiate an independent risk analysis
5. How to be better prepared before an agency has a breach

ID Experts was one of two companies awarded a government contract to provide Independent Risk Analysis to public agencies in the U.S. This was a great opportunity for us to explain to public agencies how our solution helps them assess and certify the level of risk for an affected breach population and develop an effective risk mitigation plan.


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