Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Identity Safeguards Joins Blog World

I’m Rick Kam, president of Identity Safeguards. I’d like to welcome you to the Identity Theft Protection blog.

I founded Identity Safeguards with John Davidson in 2003 in order to help Americans protect themselves from identity theft. We are proud to be a pioneer and leader in this industry, delivering quality services, and doing so with integrity.

Combined with John’s 26 years in employee benefits consulting, I bring to Identity Safeguards over 25 years of experience both at IBM and management consulting. We joined our business skills and passion to address the problem of identity theft.

Our purpose in creating this blog is to provide you with a central location to learn about and discuss issues in identity theft protection, relevant legislation, and new identity protection tools. Our mission at Identity Safeguards is to be the voice for victims of identity theft while driving innovation in identity management and protection services. This blog will include posts from experts on our staff as well as guest experts from the ID theft prevention community at large.

We founded Identity Safeguards on the promise of protecting you and your good name. Having pioneered the market for identity theft solutions, today we are honored to provide over 2,000,000 American citizens with identity theft protection services. Identity Safeguards is proud to serve as a beacon for the victims of identity theft and has grown into the leader in identity theft prevention and recovery services.


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