Monday, July 2, 2007

Why Choose Identity Safeguards?

Identity Safeguards began when a few frustrated identity theft victims decided to educate and assist other victims in restoring themselves to pre-identity theft status. Now a national leader in corporate identity security, Identity Safeguards provides fully-managed identity protection and identity theft recovery services to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the nation. Identity Safeguards offers businesses proactive and response solutions both to manage the risk of a confidential data breach and to respond effectively by offering the appropriate remedies to businesses and consumers in the event such a breach occurs. In the event of a data breach turned Identity Theft Event, highly trained in-house “Recovery Advocates” fully manage Identity Safeguards' member victim cases in order to successfully restore victim's credit and life back to pre-event status. This highly specialized service, along with Identity Safeguards' Confidential Identity Protection Solution (CIPS) and Emergency Incident Response Service (EIRS), is what separates Identity Safeguards from those who offer less complete solutions. Identity Safeguards provides restoration services to millions of citizens in the United States. Hundreds of corporate entities, government agencies and non-profit organizations nationwide offer Identity Safeguards' proactive and response solution to a confidential data breach and employee benefits or consumer protection programs. Contact a representative to learn how Identity Safeguards can help you and your business plan for, protect against, and react to a data breach.

With hundreds of programs already in place, Identity Safeguards covers millions of Americans from the hardships of identity theft and fraud. Having already served hundreds of companies, we are able to leverage significant relationships to provide your company with an unparalleled level of service. After taking the time to learn about the services that Identity Safeguards has to offer, contact a representative to request more information in order to learn about what Identity Safeguards can do for your company.

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